Unexpected trip to a Bristol Dentist

I was not expecting it, but yesterday I had the unfortunate incident of one of my crowns falling out. I was driving past Bristol at the time so given that I was in some considerable pain I thought it best that I stopped and tried to get it sorted out.

I ended up going to a private dentist in a place called Redfield, Bristol. It was a relatively small family dental practice with a low profile frontage next door to an Aldi supermarket. I was lucky that the dentist was able to fit me in between other patients, which was great.

To be honest I’m not particularly good with dentists but the environment was welcoming and the dentist seemed to know what he was doing so it didn’t take long before my crown had been glued back in, and although I was dreading it it actually wasn’t that painful after all.

Despite the fact that nobody really likes going to the dentist very much, this particular dentist was relatively easy to find, and all in all experience was a lot better than I’d expected. I thoroughly approve of private dentistry as opposed to NHS dentistry, as I think the quality of treatment that you get is better, and of course I been treated on the NHS it would have unlikely been done that day, I would probably have had to come back at some future point in time which I really didn’t want to do. In fact had that been the case I would the crown refitted at home and not in Bristol. So the fact that they were a private dentist that they actually managed to get some income from me when otherwise they might not have done.

As I said, this particular dental practice was a relatively small one although it seemed to offer quite a lot of the way of services, as I believe that it also offered orthodontic services too, which is quite good for such a small practice. I do think that the loss of widescale orthodontic services is a shame as they seem to be centred more and more in big factory type dentistry outfits. Anyway enough said on this matter it is to say I would recommend this particular dentist to anyone.

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